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Worker Bamboo Short Darts 200 Pack

Worker Bamboo Short Darts 200 Pack

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With an upgraded look and new construction these short darts from Worker are better than ever. The Worker Bamboo Short Darts in a 200 pack features new glue for a more durable construction and a two ring design for increased fps in breached blasters.  Featuring a ribbed shape reminiscent of a bamboo stalk.

• These darts are only compatible with Worker short dart magazines
• Higher FPS in Breached blasters 

• Material: TPR tips and EVA foam
• SKU: W0573

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Matthew M.
Best darts I've used so far

They work in all of my blasters with no issues so far. Shoot far and straight. Definitely recommend. And Out of Darts is always quick to deliver.

Rob B.
Excellent darts for a springer

Very nice seal with minimum friction. This is a smart design that I think all springer / HPA users with a well-toleranced barrel would enjoy testing.

Chris S.
Pretty good darts

The darts are secured well to their heads, the foam they are made of is slightly denser than typical darts. This makes the darts slightly heavier than one would expect. They work well in my Nexus Pro and Gecko. they squash less if left in a magazine too long.

Matthew C.

These added lots of FPS to our office blasters. I also like how stiff the darts arts since it helps prevent squishing when you leave them in loaded mags.

Jacob P.
Shocked by the range and consistency...

I got these darts not actually expecting them to be any better than my AF pro darts, but I was totally wrong. I'm running a swift with the 1.4 spring, 368mm barrel and a worker 12 line 3D printed SCAR and the consistency, range and accuracy are all better than my AF pros. The range part is what surprised me, I expected the drag from the ridges on the rings would cause it to slow down a lot more in the air, but it didn't. I actually had to aim lower with these darts to avoid going over my target as compared to AF pros. This is from a range of about 90 feet with my swift averaging about 205fps with these darts.