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Worker Bamboo Short Darts 200 Pack

Worker Bamboo Short Darts 200 Pack

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With an upgraded look and new construction these short darts from Worker are better than ever. The Worker Bamboo Short Darts in a 200 pack features new glue for a more durable construction and a two ring design for increased fps in breached blasters.  Featuring a ribbed shape reminiscent of a bamboo stalk.

• These darts are only compatible with short dart magazines
• Higher FPS in Breached blasters 

• Material: TPR tips and EVA foam
• SKU: W0573

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ricardo S.R.K.
Everything was excellent

I’m from Mexico and it arrived fast

Andrew R.H.
Worker bamboo darts

My new favorite darts! Great performance quality foam, quality glue. Don’t know what else could I ask for out of a foam dart

Nathan H.
Great Darts

Significant FPS increase in my DZP mk2. Color also matches it perfectly. No complaints.

Timothy C.
Best I have used

Best range and tightest groups ever. At 100 feet, with my 300 fps Swift using a 5-degree BCAR and no crosswind, I am getting 12-inch 10-shot groups. 14-inch groups at 100 with my 280 fps Longshot and 5-degree BCAR. 8-inch groups at 75 with my 200 fps Prophecy, DZ Stryker, and CEDA with an 8-degree BCAR. 6-inch groups at 60 feet with my 150 fps Prophecy and CEDA with a 10-degree BCAR. And 4-inch groups at 50 feet with my 130 fps HvZ springers with a 15-degree BCAR. Just a phenomenal sprnger dart.

Get these darts!

So, I like my gen 3+ worker darts and also my target darts but these bamboo darts I really like! I didn't think there was really any reason to go bamboos until I bought my DZP MK 2.1. I'm not a fan of using regular worker darts in it because for some reason after being chambered they have a chance to fall out the barrel as there isn't enough friction to hold it in place. My target darts on the other hand didn't fall out but still wasn't as good of a seal as the original darts it came with, the DZP bamboo 2.0 darts. Even though those darts keep a good seal they were to light for my liking. That's when I went with these bamboo worker darts! Like the gen 3+ regular worker darts the foam is a bit more stiff than others and seem to have a bit more weight on them making them in my experience way more accurate as the dart travels further and stable instead of losing its velocity for being to light and fish tailing. They are not super heavy by any means just not as light as the darts it came with. And having the diameter be a tiny bit larger the darts will not fall out the end of your blasters. When I put them through my DZ Stryker with my brass barrel I was blown away even more. One thing is I wish there were more colors! I like red, but they blend in with my DZ max darts. The black ones , although doesn't matter, look to much like ultra minis 😂😅. Also the black ones would be WAY to hard to find. So my one complaint really isn't a complaint..just need some more color options please!