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Worker Barrel Tube for Hurricane Blaster

Worker Barrel Tube for Hurricane Blaster

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This barrel tube is compatible with the Worker Hurricane Blaster to provide added steeze to your tiny blaster. The silver and orange metal tube gives a pop of metallic color to the sci-fi-esque Hurricane Blaster by Worker.

• Compatible with Worker Hurricane Blaster
• Stylish Barrel Tube

• Material: Alloy+PC
• Weight: 30g
• SKU: W0371

 Worker Hurricane Blaster


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matthew M.
Great product!

Easy to install and helps with accuracy, also a great place to put a worker muzzle!

Adam R.
Works great!

Easy to add to the blaster and gives it a cool look.

Derek W.
Keep your Hurricane from blowing!

The front end tube assembly is a very inexpensive solution to help give yourself a little bit more accuracy on your hurricane shots. No it will not turn this fun little pistol into a hyper accurate killing machine but it does do two things.

Firstly you get a little bit of the orange sticking out the end which helps anybody looking at it understand it's a toy. In a non-related suggestion I do think that the orange battery cover extenders available for this are also a good purchase for the same reason. Safety First in all things!

The second reason to get this as previously mentioned is because it does give you a little bit of a straighter flight and accuracy.

Have fun and play safe!

Brian L.
Great tube.

This easily installs in seconds!
Just open up the blaster, snip two tabs, and close up the blaster. It makes the Hurricane look even cooler!