Worker Caliburn Blaster
Worker Caliburn Blaster
Worker Caliburn Blaster

Worker Caliburn Blaster

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The Worker Caliburn Blaster is a part of their 3D-printed line (F10555).  A nerf community fave, the Caliburn is compatible with long darts and kits are available to allow for short dart compatibility. A unique, modular design that includes 32 pieces that require assembly. Magazine not included, compatible with Worker full-length mags, or Worker talon (short dart) mags with talon mag adapter.

• Compatible with Worker Full-Length Dart Mags
• Short Dart Compatible with Adapter
• 3D Printed

• Assembly Required

• Material: PLA Plastic
• Weight: 1746g
• SKU: F0397-1

• 32 Items Assembly Required

 22-Round Magazines
 Worker Talon Magazines
 Worker Talon Mag Adapter

Customer Reviews

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Alex P.
250fps out of the box

3d print quality was near perfect for me. Sturdy, no flex. Comes with a whole bunch of extra bolts n nuts and o rings.

Included assembly instructions sheet is indeed subpar (dark b/w photos), however googling for "F10555" will get you much better ones. It also builds pretty similarly to other caliburns, just the receiver piece is different. Just screw the provided flared bolt into a predrilled hole at the back of the receiver to spring up the mag release, and the rest is straight forward.

I used smart lube 51004 with the included o rings, and got 250fps out of the box, didnt need teflon tape or anything like that.

Jakob M.
My review of the Worker Caliburn

Amazing blaster!! Only problem mine has is the tendency for the o-ring on the breach to rub off and disappear when reloading. Otherwise it is an awesome blaster! Love the weight and feel of the blaster. A little too powerful to shoot straight, but nothing a longer barrel and SCAR muzzle won’t fix! Looking forward to customizing it with all the accessories from Out of Darts!

Very well priced

This is a well priced product because 3D printing is quite expensive not the best print quality but it’s alright

to expensive

it is to expensive teh price is insane please make it less expensive but insane

H. V.S.
Like a puzzle, but way more fun

Much like other reviews Ive seen, the instructions were awful. However, once I figured out how to piece this together, its one of the best Nerf style guns Ive ever had. The short darts are best for both range and power. 100% would buy again!