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Worker Collapsible L-Shaped Shoulder Stock

Worker Collapsible L-Shaped Shoulder Stock

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The Worker Collapsible L-Shaped Shoulder Stock is compatible with most Nerf blasters from Elite to Modulus. Featuring a collapsible design that has an adjustable range. Contrasting inner tube offers a pop of color.

Compatible with most Nerf blasters.
Injection molded
• Collapsible

• Material: ABS Plastic
• Adjustable Range: 211-270mm
• Weight: 12.4oz
• SKU: W0185
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sturdy Stock, Looks Good on Red Blasters

Got this for my red Lightning Bug and it looks perfect, little bit of red is a nice way to accent a good sturdy stock like this. It also has a QD sling point on the bottom of the stock, personally I wish it was on the top but it's still in a good spot nonetheless and is my main sling loop for the blaster. If you use the QD sling point though it will bump into your hand which could be annoying to you.all in all its a good stock, not much else to it. Wish I had more red blasters to put it on.

Cool Stock

The only thing was that it was a little hard to push the button in to adjust the stock. Also it is a little heavier then expected. It is a very well designed stock. Also I like how it folds to minimize the profile.

Jed G.
Great option

Works great. Being able to collapse down to reduce overall profile is really nice. It felt very secure when both collapsed and extended. The folding/collapsing mechanism benefited from a touch of lubricant, but otherwise everything was perfect.


works amazing

Docta P.
Great, solid stock.

This stock is solid with no wobble. Plus, it looks cool and the orange anodization on the inner tube is a nice touch.

The collapsing feature works easily yet stays in place. It fits perfectly on a stock Stryfe. It will fold down partially on a Stryfe with an extended battery door, but that may put extra strain on both the tray, stock, and the attachment point itself.

Even if you never collapse this, it's a nice, low profile stock that's plenty solid.

To nitpick, and this may be mine in particular, the holes drilled for the adjustment nub are slightly off center. It's barely noticeable and I'll happily buy another one. You should too!