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Worker Final Stage Kit for Retaliator

Worker Final Stage Kit for Retaliator

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The Worker Final Stage Kit for Retaliator features parts that allow you to shoot more accurately and quickly. Compatible with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster.


• Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster
• Improves bearing capacity
• Installation required

• Weight: 137g
• SKU: W0051
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Final Stage? What a joke! Get the metal version.

If you're thinking of doing any kind of modification for a pump grip or even a lateral pull, DO NOT BUY this product. This is cheap plastic and is barely an upgrade from stock. The small metal pieces that fit into the sides of the PLASTIC bolt sled will eventually rip out which is exactly what happened to me using Worker's very own pump grip mod.

Avoid this and get the metal bolt sled, a new spring, and, if you need it, a new plunger and plunger tube. This kit is crap and I hope Luke sees this review and stops selling it. I bought two and I really regret it.

With a name like Final stage kit...

I purchased this in combination with a side cocking kit with an expectation that i'd be buying an aluminum kit that was able to side prime with higher spring tension,
however this was not the case.

due to the lacking descriptions of both items, i ended up making a purchase i otherwise would not have.

**this kit is made of a composite material and is not aluminum.** the "lateral pull" kit i bought is black aluminum and was in the description however this is not. the lateral pull kit is rail mounted to if you are looking for what i was, stay away from that too.

the quality of both items are great, however they are not what i was looking for. now i've wasted about 40 dollars and still have to spend more to find and buy the parts i needed in the first place.