Worker High-power High-RPM 132 Motor Pair
Worker High-power High-RPM 132 Motor Pair
Worker High-power High-RPM 132 Motor Pair

Worker High-power High-RPM 132 Motor Pair

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The Worker 43000 RPM high-power, High-RPM Motor Pair offer a super magnetic design that provide a good option for high RPM builds and multiple stage blasters. These are not recommended for single-stage motor builds.

• Double ball bearing
• Neodymium magnet
• 132 motor size (requires shell cutting in most blasters)

• Speed: 43000 RPM (great for 2nd/3rd stages)
• 45A stall current per motor
• 3s 11.1V
• 132 form factor
• Weight: 100g
• SKU: W0340

Customer Reviews

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Alex L.
Great motors but not fantastic

These are really great motors but I don't seem to get any more performance then from something like a 3s Kraken and they are half the price.
Not sure these justify their cost.

paul s.
Worker high rpm 132 motor

Excellent motor for 3d printed gryphon👍🏻👍🏻

Aidan V.
High-Powers are awesome.

Even though I myself am not a nerf modder, my friend absolutely loved these motors. They arrived exactly when they were supposed to and they worked as designed. Will definitely be coming back for more products.

Nerfer X.
By far the best 132 sized motor.

This is a beast and my go to motor on most single stages as its extremely high torque to form factor puts this motor above the vast range of 180 sized motors for power and performance.
I dont know why LUke has it listed as a 180 sized can, because its quite short in length and just a fraction bigger than a 130 sized can. I have not had to do shell cutting with most blasters when installing these motors, the only blaster I have to cut the shell on when using these motors is the STRYFE, as the can size is that fraction larger than the stock motors, but its a lot less cutting than installing true 180 sized motors, You just drill to neat 19mm holes. SO MUCH EASIER!
Placed a picture of the Worker Black 132 motors along side some Fangs for comparision sizing to show they are not a 180 sized motor...
This set up on full lenths yeilds 170fps on full lengths, and on half lengths 155fps using a hybrid pusher in a Stryfe.

Will D.
Worker quality

I’m enjoying these 180s in my eclipse cage. Fast spin up and keeping a nice 185fps average from a rapidstrike.