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Worker Metal Plunger Rod + Spring Kit for Longshot CLOSEOUT

Worker Metal Plunger Rod + Spring Kit for Longshot CLOSEOUT

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The Worker metal Plunger Rod + Spring Kit for Longshot offers a durable metal conversion kit for your Nerf Longshot CS-12, Longshot CS-6, or Worker Terminator.  Offering a metal plunger rod, head, spring and release this kit offers a polished and durable install for your Longshot/Terminator.

• Compatible with Nerf Longshot CS-12, Longshot CS-6 and Worker Terminator

• Plunger Rod kit

• Material: Aluminum Alloy
• Weight: 5.3oz
• SKU: W0475

• 1 x  Plunger Rod
• 1 x  Plunger Head
• 1 x  28N Spring
• 1 x  Release

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan S.

This kit worked great in my Longshot CS-12. Everything fit right into the blaster, and the prime was nice and smooth (I used "super lube" from harbor freight to lubricate the plunger). When I first put this kit into my blaster it refused to catch, this was because the original plastic bolt sled was bending a bit under the extra force of the stronger spring. So, if you are looking to use this kit, I would highly suggest also either buying a new metal bolt sled (found here at Out of Darts) or reinforcing the original (I just chose to buy one).
Installation was very straightforward, but as some of the other reviews mentioned, it is a bit tricky to get the blaster closed up with the new stronger spring wanting to jump out at you. I managed to do it by myself, I held the back part down with a flathead screwdriver while I lined up the halves of the blaster, but it did take a few times before I figured out a right way to do it. All in all this is a great drop in kit for the Nerf Longshot.

Jacob L.

Worker Metal Plunger Rod + Spring Kit for Longshot CLOSEOUT

Bryce S.
works as advertised

Great product. Be aware that installation may require multiple people as the spring load is very strong and will try to jump out of the shell if not held down during reassembly.

Amazing performance!

I thought I was reviewing the prophecy short dart kit but it was actually the longshot one. No worries because I have the same kit in my longshot also but with the 28n spring and it performs great. Twice as easy of a prime as the k25 or k26 kit and makes my Longshot average about 220fps. Definitely worth getting if your going to put a pump grip on your longshot!!!!

Amazing performance!

The prime is the shortest easiest prime I've felt for a blaster that shoots consistently around 225fps. I'm using the 28n in my longshot and she averages 225-230fps. I have a GavinFuzzy Pump kit and I would recommend a pump kit for this kind of spring upgrade. It's twice or even 3 times easier to prime than a k26 and doing better fps averages. The 25n and 20n I haven't tried yet but I would still only recommend this for an adult anyone 14 or less would still find it difficult to prime.