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Worker Nerf Compatible Stock (multiple colors)

Worker Nerf Compatible Stock (multiple colors)

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The Worker Nerf Compatible Stock is a popular stock design that offers a simple install. 

• Compatible with all N-strike attachments
• 5 color options

• Material: Injection molded ABS plastic
• Weight: 258g
• Dimensions: 270x45x115mm
• SKU: W0020
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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

Good stock

Dennis N.
Artemis Stock

Easy install and adds another dimension to accuracy and ease of handling. Stock is of good quality. Would recommend to anyone who has the Artemis.

Jordan C.
Make a kid blaster grow up

This N-strike compatible stock is my go-to to make a blaster sized for a child comfortable for an adult, and yes I know how that sounds. It's injection-molded and solid enough. Sometimes it doesn't fit "flush" depending on the blaster, but works great with I'd say 80% of nerf blasters. Don't buy from amazon, buy from OOD instead!

Thanks for recommending us; it's very much appreciated!

The fit of this stock varies wildly from blaster to blaster. This generally isn't due tot eh stock, but the variances in the Nerf blasters themselves. The Stryfe-X is so tight it is barely removable, while other blasters are extremely wobbly. You can solve the wobble with a bit of masking tape on the stock point to tighten up the fit. Hope this helps!

Still an Excellent Stock

Tried and true, this stock is still excellent for the money. The orange is a little lighter than the Stryfe X orange but it is close enough.

Vernon M.
Just what I needed

What we know to love at great prices. The quality is great and feels right to shoulder my strife x now