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Worker Phoenix 2.0 Select Fire Fire Control Smart Board

Worker Phoenix 2.0 Select Fire Fire Control Smart Board

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This smart board for the Worker Phoenix 2.0 can be used in a wide range of applications. Included are English instructions and translated menus (OOD helped with translations).  This is an Intermediate difficulty mod due to the small delicate wires and pathing that they follow.

*Install for this board is plug and play but the wires are delicate and may require re soldering in the case that a wire breaks at a terminal. 

*Do not assemble this kit or other electronic devices with exposed boards on carpet since static can damage the board.

• Adds smart features to your blaster
• Plug-n-play install 
• Select-fire/Burst-fire
• Adjustable rate of fire
• Adjustable flywheel speed (FPS)
• OLED Display
• Full H-Bridge on both pusher and flywheel circuits
• Password feature
• Motor braking
• Over temperature protection

• Material:
• Dimensions:
• Weight:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Curtis (.
2nd time was the charm

Received my 2nd kit after having a terrible experience with customer service and the product itself from a previous order of this kit.

I am happy to say I am super happy with my order this time around. Kit came in good condition was easy to put in and worked immediately.

Now this is the quality that I have received in the past and expect from out of darts.

Kit is very cool and allows faster rate of fire and complete customization of your performance.

Highly recommended if you want more from your Worker Phoenix 2.0 or just want it to be even cooler.

Shipping was lightning fast.

Wish I didn’t have to go threw two of them to get a working one but I’m very happy now.

Curtis (.
First bad experience with out of darts

I was excited about this kit after watching multiple videos about it especially because it was a drop in kit with 2 sensors to paste

When I removed the kit from it’s packaging it had a broken wire on it… I proceeded with the installation thinking if everything else is ok that I could fix the wire

After 3 days of thinking I did something wrong I realized that my kit was bad as the pusher would not fire and the flywheels would rev then stop even with contact of broken wire

I contacted out of darts and they asked for a pic so I sent one but to only be indirectly accused of damaging the kit…. WHAT!!!!

I was told that I should have been careful when installing because the wires are thin (came out package broken) also was told that I shouldn’t build on carpet (built on glass table… took pic on carpet for a backdrop) then I was instructed to solder the wire. I explained that connecting the wire did not make a difference

After accusations I stated that I no longer wanted help and I would just buy another one an hope it doesn’t come broken that I just reached out because I was in return policy

Then I was offered a refund if I send the entire kit back…. Thanks but no thanks…. After the treatment I will just buy another and hope for the best but I will slow down my purchases from out of darts

Fingers crossed on second kit

If you buy and any of the wires look bad immediately contact them so you aren’t accused of doing it

First bad experience with anything or anyone from out of darts usually everyone and everything had been quality and professional