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Worker Short Dart Tube Adapter (Retaliator / Prophecy R)

Worker Short Dart Tube Adapter (Retaliator / Prophecy R)

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Make your Nerf Retaliator or Worker Prophecy blaster short dart compatible with this tube kit from Worker. The Worker Short Dart Tube Adapter for Retaliator is compatible with the Retaliator and Prophecy-R blasters. The Short Dart Tube Adapter features an incredibly durable CNC finishing process with an aluminum alloy construction that's the perfect addition to your blaster. 

• Compatible with Retaliator and Prophecy-R
• Aluminum Alloy Plunger Tube replacement
• CNC Finishing Process
• Can be adapted to 16mm outer diameter Scar tube, aluminum tube, and covered 19MM inner tube on that, to make the trajectory straighter


• Material: Aluminum Alloy
• Weight: 72g
• Dimensions: 95 x 45 x 40mm
• Model: W0464/456

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