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Worker Short Dart Upgrade Tube w/ Adapter for Nerf Alpha Trooper Elite CS-12

Worker Short Dart Upgrade Tube w/ Adapter for Nerf Alpha Trooper Elite CS-12

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The Worker Short Dart Upgrade Tube w/ Adapter for Nerf Alpha Trooper Elite CS-12 is a replacement kit that allows you to shoot short darts. This kit includes an includes a short dart kit as well as an added aluminum alloy adapter.

• Compatible with Nerf Alpha Trooper Elite CS-12
• Short Dart Tube

• NOT COMPATIBLE WITH XD Kohls orange alpha trooper

• Material: Aluminum Alloy
• Weight: 185g
• SKU: 3W-SB-001 

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Customer Reviews

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Vincent F.

Fast shopping, good quality.

Great kit! But...?

The blue EAT being hard to come by, I decided to get this kit and try to see if I could make it fit in an orange XD kit despite the fact that Out of Darts says it's not compatible. I was glad to see that it actually went in quite easily. Don't know what wasn't supposed to work. If like me you are in Canada and stuck with the Mission Kit Alpha Trooper (orange XD), get the kit, it's pretty awesome.

Love it!

I used this in conjunction with the blasterparts tactical range kit. I had read up as much as I could about the accutrooper (alpha trooper) as much as I could and what it's shortcomings are and how to remedy them. One thing people kept mentioning is durability, 9kg being about the limit without upgrading the sled and catch, unfortunately nobody makes those anymore as of this posting. I installed it, looked up the instructions online and put it together. I would highly recommend watching some videos if this is your first time opening an accutrooper, it was mine. Went with the 7kg spring in the blasterparts kit just to be safe. Unfortunately I don't have a chronograph but I could tell it hits a lot harder. I followed the other reviews suggestion of talons and no hiccups.
One point of advice on short darts, from my understanding sealed breaches like this need the tip to be smaller than the foam the mengun darts sold here cut to size work incredibly, the worker gen 3s work great and the faux bullet darts work well. If you want to hit harder and don't mind short darts only get this kit and the blasterparts kits I'm really enjoying mine!

Harry L.
I added a lot of things to make this work.

Mod made to the newest AT available on Walmart.
+forward stefan dart adaptor (required)
+worker darts (required)
+youtube instructions to delete locks (required)
+5 Kg Spring (strongly recommended)
+Etsy 3D customer prime bar (optional)

If you are using Worker Talons/talon adaptor/worker darts with the front load fed, this kit works like a dream.

The build below will take the AT upto 140 fps and slam fire capable.

The included spring is 9 KG and this makes the catch extremely difficult to engage even with locks removed. Even if it catches, the trigger mechanism now requires for the prime bar to be completely pushed forward to push against the catch. You never want this in an AT because it was meant for close/medium range. I dropped it down to 5 KG and changed out the prime bar with a 3d printed kit found on etsy for consistency in catch and slam fire to work. The original prime bar becomes useless after modification, it's too small for a grown person that can prime this.

If you stick with the 9 KG, I recommend taking one of the smaller black screws and then sticking it into the piece that pushes up against the release for leverage for it to even fire...

Running katanas with the center fed adaptor will cause the darts to rise up and jam in the dart tube 50% of the time. Running non worker darts 15% chance of jam. And I think this should be made clear in description. There's a new 3d printed kit that Jet Blasters has that solves this for all Worker Stefan Kits.