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Worker SlingFire Short Dart Kit

Worker SlingFire Short Dart Kit

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Make your SlingFire short dart compatible with this new kit from Worker. The Worker SlingFire Short Dart Kit is just the thing to improve the accuracy and power of your blaster, and features a durable aluminum alloy construction with CNC finishing.

• Compatible with Nerf SlingFire
• CNC Finishing technology

• Material: Aluminum Alloy
• Dimensions: 16 x 150 mm
• Weight: 130 g
• SKU: W0384

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very good

With a little work, it is great

Improves your beloved SlingFire

SlingFire becomes a whole new blaster with this kit plus the metal handle and sled. Accuracy and range improved tremendously. Handle action became more stable, but now feels very gritty and less smooth. It feels and shoots like a different blaster and fun factor is high and higher than my $100+ blasters. ***When cutting the shell, FIRST, position everything (the breach, the mag adapter with magazine and the plunger) in line and mark the exact areas you'll be cutting. Use a clipper or a wire cutter and chip away piece by piece. More time, better results. That's about the only difficult part and patience makes less difficult. With this kit, you'll most likely lose one screw hole at the barrel end area, but still solid after everything is put together. I like my new and improved SlingFire very very much but can't "highly" recommend it because additional costs for the metal handle and the aluminum sled... but after another round of destroying targets.. okay I highly recommend it.

Matt F.
Works great but not a perfect fit

The kit works as intended, however it does require a good amount of careful shell-cutting and fitting for it to work correctly. It is not as simple as cutting a few tabs and dropping it in. You'll want to pay careful attention to where cuts are made to ensure that the bolt and barrel remain perfectly in-line with each other and that the bolt can be pushed all the way forward into the barrel to ensure a sealed fit. It does work though, and is a solid, secure fit when positioned correctly. Note that Instructions for cutting found online are not perfectly correct, but close enough to get you started.