Worker Transparent Standard Flywheel Cage 43.5mm (Stryfe/Rapidstrike)
Worker Transparent Standard Flywheel Cage 43.5mm (Stryfe/Rapidstrike)

Worker Transparent Standard Flywheel Cage 43.5mm (Stryfe/Rapidstrike)

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The Worker Transparent standard Flywheel Cage 43.5mm is a durable and precise injection molded cage that is compatible with the Stryfe, Rapidstrike, Swordfish and Dominator. Featuring a diamond angled design and a 43.5mm motor wheel base.

• Injection Molded PC 
• Transparent
• Compatible with Nerf Stryfe/Rapidstrike, Worker Dominator/Swordfish
• 14mm diameter 
• 43.5mm motor wheel base
• 4x mounting screws are included
• 43.5mm cage spacing


• Weight: 23.2g
• SKU: W0354

*Flywheels are not included.


Customer Reviews

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Cost friendly, mod friendly!

A sweet cage for starter mods or budget ones. When paired with Worker smooths and a power source of 2s or even 6AAs on Meishel 2.0s or MTB Honey Badgers, you can crank out 130 to 140FPS averages! However, with the Smooths being slightly larger than your average flywheel you will need to be mindful of screw post interference~

Liam R.
Great just be careful!

They do not fit perfectly so make sure to use a little sandpaper to make everything smooth and fit right on the screw posts. IT IS EASY DONT AVOID BUYING FOR THIS. Besides the minor fitting thing it works awesome and really goes well with valkyries and smaller sized flywheels. Great product!

Andrew c pickering
Great product

Great product no issues

David Mendoza
Great cage for the money

I really like this cage and have used it in multiple mods. The one thing I will say if installing these on a stryfe depending on the wheels you are using you may need to remove the screw post nearest to the jam door because I have had issues with the the top wheel hitting. Once again this is not an issue with the cage at all, there is no design flaw, this is an issue with using bigger wheels and can be remedied very easily my removing the post. Shipping was great as always.

Nathaniel rondeau
Major design flaw

what I got is what is listed here but when I modded my stryfe and finished i Burnt our my frv got m2s almost burnt those out and then I saw the flaw one of the post holes is exposed to the flywheel causing unnecessary friction and excess heat