Kronos 3.7" K26 Spring with squared ends
Nerf mod Kronos Spring (Strong-prime) 135FPS average (NEW) - Out of Darts
Kronos 3.7" K26 Spring with squared ends

Zombie Strike Sledgefire Spring (80 FPS)

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The Zombie Strike Sledgefire Spring is a custom cut spring from a K26 that offers a roughly 80FPS average compared to the stock average of 60FPS. 

Difficult install on the spring. It is significantly longer than the stock spring so you’ll need to compress it a lot to put it back in while holding the levers in place on their anchors. Unfortunately, due to insufficient priming notches, we weren’t able to get any higher than 80FPS with just a spring upgrade so consider removing the air stops and adding in custom PVC barrels for increased air compression and single shots. 

• Hard difficulty on installation
• One end flat, one end cut, About 110mm or 14 coils in length
• Around 80FPS

• Custom made compression spring
• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel