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2021 Out of Darts Update:
COVID, the Hobby, and More

2021 Out of Darts Update: <br/>COVID, the Hobby, and More
To say the past two years have been a whirlwind is an understatement. When this blog launched, I had high hopes of it being an ongoing resource to hobbyists. However, things rarely go according to plan on the first try.

Free the Half-Length Dart

Free the Half-Length Dart
When half-length darts are mentioned, people imagine cracked glasses, darts that punch through cardboard, and welts that last for weeks. These old short darts are now thoroughly obsolete - in fact, they are almost universally banned, as their metal weights are dangerous to Nerfers and groundskeepers alike.  Factory made half-length darts being just as safe as full-length darts, they are still banned across many events and clubs due to the fear of injury.