We offer a wide range off filaments for our prints. Our primary filament supplier is Proto-Pasta. Proto-Pasta is local to us here in Vancouver, Washington, which allows us to re-use all filament spools, re-use boxes, reduce packaging, avoid shipping cost and tighten up our supply-chain.

Proto-Pasta is USA made filament with USA polymers. They have created our most popular custom colors just for us!

COLORS (in rainbow order):

Proto-Pasta Black

Proto-Pasta Galactic Black

Proto-Pasta Silver

Proto-Pasta Translucent Ice (Clear)

Proto-Pasta White

Proto-Pasta Red

Proto-Pasta Metallic Red

Proto-Pasta Translucent Blood Red 

Prusament Mystic Brown

Proto-Pasta Orange

Proto-Pasta Metallic Tangerine

Proto-Pasta Gold

Hatchbox Yellow

Hatchbox Yellow

Atomic Translucent Neon Green

Hatchbox Green

Proto-Pasta Metallic Green

Proto-Pasta Mermaid's Tale

Proto-Pasta Translucent Teal

Proto-Pasta OOD Blue

Proto-Pasta Dark Blue

 Prusament Gentlmen's Grey

Proto-Pasta Proton Purple

Proto-Pasta Galactic Purple

Proto-Pasta Translucent Pink