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Eye Protection / Safety Glasses (Youth and Adult sizes)

Eye Protection / Safety Glasses (Youth and Adult sizes)

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Basic essential eye protection. I use these exact glasses for both gameplay and shop usage.  We strongly feel that everyone should be using these at all times when playing, cutting, grinding, soldering, etc. This is important to not only our personal safety, but for the longevity of our hobby in general.  If you have ever taken an unexpected Nerf dart to the eye you can certainly relate. Offered in three color options.

• Three color options (Transparent, Blue mirror & Black Transparent)
• Lightweight and inexpensive.

• Meets ANSI Z87.1
• Material: Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch Lens

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Daniela M.
The best

I have to say first that my 12 year old son is in love with your company. He pays for everything himself. He will do any job to add to his out of dart order. The customer service is outstanding. We were so impressed with the 3D printing. The colors are so nice and my boys had to show everyone. The safety glasses are so comfortable that they forgot they were on. Both my boys said we have to order more. The glasses are light and fit like a glove. So happy with our order. Thank you out of darts!!

Dmitry B.

All the best

Slick B.
It works , battles have been fun

They fit and make me feel like a member of some organization (juvenile I know but still), can take upto 220fps short darts without issue (don't have anything more powerful, maybe my airgun but that's asking too much) .

Matthew S.(.
Make Great Sunglasses

I've been using these same style dark glasses as just casual sunglasses and they have outlasted even the nicest or rugged glasses you can find.

Luka Z.
great for the price

price is great and safety is of course very importaant so i really recommend buying these