The brainchild of Jangular and the Blaster Tag Association, this game is among the only competitive formats that involve respawning, which makes this game one of the more engaging to watch. The game is played on a diamond, and each team tries to control the three hills for the longest cumulative time after the end of a six-minute match. The hills are arranged perpendicular to the team’s tents so that the buckets are progressively more challenging to control. Your score increases exponentially with the more hills you control, but that is balanced by the waves of player respawns, allowing the other team an opportunity to take a hill back into possession. 

In 2023, The Blaster Tag Association returned to host a King of the Hill tournament at Ragnarocktoberfest for the first time since 2019. They used a four-group round-robin to populate a single-elimination bracket, where the first-place winners of each group got a bye into the quarterfinals.

At A Glance


Control the three hills for the longest cumulative amount of time at the end of the round.

Game Time

1 round x 6 minutes

Team Size

On Field: 5v5
Maximum players per team: 7

Loadout Limits

200 FPS Manual Springer; 160 FPS Battery Powered (Flywheeler & AEB)
320 darts per team per game with discretionary distribution.

Blaster Tag Association

The governing body for the competitive King of the Hill ruleset and an advocacy group for blaster tag as a hobby and sport.