Worker Iron Folding Sight
Worker Iron Folding Sight

Worker Iron Folding Sight

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The Iron Folding Sight gives gives you a clear line of sight to take down your enemy.  Attaches to any 21mm rail mount. 

• Foldable
• Compatible with 21mm rail mount

• Material: PA Plastic
• Weight: 77g
• Model:  W0227

Customer Reviews

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Luke Baco
Dont you just love it when a product completely blows your expectations out of the water?

I bought these sights for my nexus pro. I wanted something that had a really futuristic look to it, and these where the only irons I could find that I liked. For $15, I wasn't expecting much. I was expecting cheap plastic sights that would give me a vague idea of where my dart was headed, but that was all I needed them to be. Man, did I get more than I paid for. These things are way bigger than I thought they would be, and as soon as I felt them, I could tell that this was no cheap plastic. In fact, the plastic is so good, it almost feels like metal (not to mention the parts that are actually metal). There are plenty of adjustment knobs, and they make a satisfying click when flipped up. You also get a third sight! Playing airsoft, a nice set of irons can run you $90 for just a front and back. Obviously these aren't as nice as those, but I didn't need them to be. I honestly would pay $60 for these!

Aaron Jorgensen
Great sights

These are some great sights, only problem is when I replaced the original sights on my nexus pro I my darts kept flying up and to the left. Not sure if that was my darts, the scar barrel I put on the front, or the spring spacer I put in the buffer tube. I'm gonna have to zero my sights.
On a brighter note the sights came with an allen key I could mount them on my nexus pro. They aren't going anywhere unlike the old sights.

Good little things

They are some great sights