Daybreak CNC Stryfe Flywheel Cage Set

Daybreak CNC Stryfe Flywheel Cage Set

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Daybreak CNC cage with daybreak flywheels, designed by Kuryaka. They are a quality high-concavity wheel compatible with the daybreak CNC cage or the daybreak 3D printed cage.

*Newest version incorporates an aluminum dart guide as part of the cage.

*Note; Color is now raw aluminum silver or red based on manufacturer availability. 

• Adjust crush to either 40mm or 41mm
• Adjust the screws to 41mm crush for a mid-crush setup
• The 41mm crush is compatible with hard-tipped darts
• Adjust the screws to 40mm for a high crush setup
• The 40mm crush is not compatible with hard-tipped darts
• Acetal and CNC aluminum 
• Machined wheels
• Small root diameter wheels

• These cages have tighter spacing, and smaller wheels, yielding comparable crush options to other systems.
• 41mm with entry level motors will yield around 140FPS
• 40mm with entry level motors will yield 160FPS (Further testing needed here)

• Wheels without cage
• 3D Printed Daybreak cages

Customer Reviews

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Works great for my stryfe!

This is a great cage! I’m running this in my Blackhole Stryfe and is running on the mid crush setup, Meishel 2.0 motors, a 21 amp Omron switch, and a graphene .950 2S LiPo. Makes a beautiful noise, shoots about as far as a nexus pro, and shoots just as fast as one as well. (I’m using adventure force waffleheads.) This means the claims of 140 FPS is actually pretty accurate. Downside of this is you can’t take it to HvZ because it shoots over 130 FPS. It’s also worth noting that you have to trim down one of the screw posts a little bit with a file, but it’s very easy to do and the screw well is still functional. Also it’s worth noting that this is not compatible with most other flywheels, with the exception of I think Drac’s Twilight wheels. But this set does include the daybreak wheels, and on my current setup they perform extremely well. Besides that, my only other complaints are:
1. The price. It’s not by any means overpriced though.
2. It doesn’t have a full length barrel. This makes it so you do have to reuse the stock Stryfe barrel tubing, making the sound slightly different and might not look as nice from the outside as say a Nyx cage. It still looks very awesome though, especially with the black and blue color scheme I put on my stryfe. All in all, this is a fantastic cage that I have clocked about 6 hours of competitive play with at an arena.