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Caliburn 4 & Talon Claw 4 - Hardware Kit

Caliburn 4 & Talon Claw 4 - Hardware Kit

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With a wide range of spring, barrel, and fps options this customizable blaster designed by Captain Slug is an easy addition to any arsenal. This listing doesn't include the 3D printed parts, but the STL files are linked down below. We do plan on having the printed parts available some time in the next few months.

Please Note: This listing is for the Flat Bar Based Version of the Caliburn or Talon Claw and does not include any 3D printed parts, only the hardware. 

*The parts in this kit are raw cut and may require some cleanup to fit into your build.

• 4 Spring options
• 3 barrel options
• Stainless Steel 4-40 screws
• Comes with all of the hardware already cut to length and ready for assembly
• Designed by Captain Slug
• Licensed and Authorized by the legendary Slug himself

• Material: Multiple 

Caliburn 4 Assembly Instructions
Talon Claw 4 Assembly Instructions
STL Files

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Customer Reviews

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Plenty of spares where appropriate, excess cord length, etc. Would recommend / buy again.

Ken L.
Made (most of) my Talon Claw dreams come true!

Excellent kit with excellent support. I appreciated the dupes of some of the hardware to save me from my inevitable clumsiness. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that one of the bars wasn't drilled through correctly, which prevented me from a full assembly - but it's put together enough to work!

Squirrels of the neighborhood.. beware..

Cordell W.

Caliburn 4 & Talon Claw 4 - Hardware Kit

Your review doesn't appear to have any content. If you are having trouble with your build or any difficulties with any of the components please reach out to us at so that we can help you.

Unfortunately, there's a first time for everything.

I write this review with a heavy heart. I love OOD and highly recommend MOST of their products. This kit however, is NOT one of them. I got flat bars that were too long,o-rings that were too small AND too thin, and not enough elastic to go around. I don't know if this kit was outsourced or something, but it isn't up to this store's caliber of quality. I cannot recommend it in good faith.

Thank you for the feedback, we are always looking to improve our products.
I found that some of our Bolt Arms for the Talon Claw were cut incorrectly and have removed them from our inventory, these were cut using our old cutting jig which was off by about 1/8' for this component.
As for the O Rings they are the exact Sku and vendor that Cpt. Slug used so i am not sure why they would not seal properly for you.
We provide more elastic than was recommended by slug but i will look into the length for this blaster.

If you need replacement parts for anything for your kit please reach out to us at and we will be happy to accommodate you.

great kit

great kit the only problem is one of the bars was slightly bent at one end, still a great kit tho