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Daybreak Jyn Erso 3D Printed Flywheel Cage

Daybreak Jyn Erso 3D Printed Flywheel Cage

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The Daybreak Jyn Erso 3D Printed Flywheel Cage offers a replacement cage option for your Jyn Erso Blaster.  Available in multiple spacing options.

• 3D Printed 
• Designed by Kuriyaka
• Compatible with Jyn Erso Blaster
• Multiple Sizes
• Includes flywheel cage screws


• Material: PLA plastic

*Please note since this is an internal part with many options, offering specific colors isn't feasible for production. We generally print these in silver when our filament supply allows.

• Daybreak Flywheels
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Needs spacers on **** mounts but otherwise fits and works

was a good print and happy but needs some slight redesign to be a drop in upgrade. The **** holes need to moved down a few mil to meet the **** posts of the shell. I made spacers from scrap blaster shell. Again, happy over all but would like things looked into.

Ryan P.
Shell requires modification

Print quality is great and when equipped with kraken motors and daybreak Wheels can hit upwards of 150 FPS... However, the shell requires a bit of sanding in order for the larger daybreak wheels to fit. Luckily I was able to accomplish this without having to expose the flywheels (through the blaster) with the higher crush motor spacing. However I feel like if I had used a 40+mm cage, then the shell would need to be cut. Then the top flywheel would be exposed.

Alejandro R.
Does not work

I bought the 42mm cage and it does not work with Kepler wheels , they rub up against the walls of the cage . The cage doesn’t even fit in the blaster , the top wheel hits the shell even when the wheel is pressed all the way down. I changed out the wheels for stock stryfe wheels but I still wasn’t able to fit the cage in the blaster.