Men-gun Tip Foam Darts (Multiple colors and quantities)
Men-gun Tip Foam Darts (Multiple colors and quantities)

Men-gun Tip Foam Darts (Multiple colors and quantities)

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The Men-gun tip Darts are an excellent dart that we've utilized many times after they have passed the Out of Darts testing standards.  Extra perk: these are also the least expensive option out there! These darts are available in multiple colors and quantities. I ship from WA state five days a week, so delivery is quick!

• Inexpensive and perform very well!
• Multiple color options

Customer Reviews

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Some N.H.
AMAZING, would recommend, great for flywheelers.

I bought htese darts expecting a minor to moderate increase in accuracy and maybe some range improvement as well. Well they by far exceeded my expectations and I was pleasantly supprised at just how much better these were than my 3rd party knock off, hard solid tip darts. In my modded demolisher (AA size IMR not Lipo so I can't speak to Lipo effectivness for these darts) the solid tip darts just spurted out at only 15-20ish feet, but these easily fly 150+ feet with ridiculous precision. they also fly farther and more accurate in my stock flywheel blasters, though I did not see much difference between these and solid tip darts in my spring powered guns (I did not test these in any spring mag fed sealed breach nerf guns). Also, the yellow color for these darts is SUPER easy to see and find in the grass so I recommend the yellow color for these.

In summary these darts will immediatly improve your battery flywheels blasters, and give you a clear edge in accuracy. (Note that these comparisons are bewteen Amazon solid tip 3rd party darts, as opposed to adventure force waffle heads, accutrike/accufakes, or any kind of short darts). Thank you Out of Darts for these darts I will DEFINITELY be buying more in the future.

works for stefans

Work just fine cut down in nexus. A few spiral out of control and don't go far but for the price I don't care. They are tapered so they work fine in sealed breaches. These are the cheapest sealed breach half dart for my nexus. I use a worker dart cutter and works great. I tested them (cut down) with the 3D printed SCAR that Out Of Darts sells and a N28 long spring they also sell. When I tested with the stock spring and the SCAR none of them would spin but there would be inconsistent velocities. Just to be clear, when using the SCAR and the N28 very few span and velocities were more consistent. I would recommend the N28 spring and the SCAR muzzle(it comes in a rectangle or a cylinder, I don't remember what it's called) as well as these darts. They are tapered waffles and you cant beat the price.

Kurt T.
For mixed load-outs, these are the best darts!

The reason I really like these darts is flexibility. They will fire good out of flywheels and good out of most sealed breeches (I haven't tested 17/32" brass I suspect it's tight, but for CEDA S, Nexus, Worker Blue and Orange kits, Caliburns and Talonclaw on .527" ID aluminum). They won't work in the DZP because of the weird gap they made between the breech and barrel and the darts get stuck.

With flywheels I get ~5-15 less fps than Adventure Force waffles...but that's about right to drop my Stryfles or Bulwark from 145 fps down to below 130 fps (Fang ReVamped, Cyclones, Aurora cage for the Stryfles).

They also work great cut down for sealed breech springers! All of my sealed breeches are half darts (except the Caliburn which with .527" aluminum handles AF waffles at 240 fps) so if you have full length sealed breeches I can't speak to those.

With my sealed breeches similarly I can use these instead of bamboo or Nexus pro darts to drop the fps down by ~20 fps...again from blasters tuned to say 150 fps down to 130 fps.

If you're the type of nerfer who uses both flywheels and springers and wants darts that will do both but at a slight drop in performance, these are a great choice. Especially if you also want a slight drop in fps without having to swap a cage or spring.

It's a compromise between having to carry both Nexus darts and AF Waffles which are optimized for springer and flywheel platforms.

Almost perfect

These darts are amazing no doubt about it but the quality control leaves some stuff to be desired.
They are high accuracy darts that fly very well and have a good glue job the only problem is that some of there heads are a little mis cut
and some of the darts have creasing in the foam. Though when you can buy so many for so cheap its not a big issue.

Bossk H.
Fairly accurate but not reliable

These darts worked well most of the time. They were fine in flywheels but they kept jamming in my Nexus. For most blasters they're great but they had trouble feeding in springers with a sealed breach.
While they were fine in flywheels, Dart Zone AF waffle heads are exactly the same price and perform better. The reason I got these is because the one thing Dart Zone darts don't do well is sealed breaches, but it turns out neither do these. So there's no reason to buy these over Dart Zone darts, except to support this shop. Which is a great thing to do!