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N20 Metal Micro Gear Motor 300-2,000RPM (Micro Size)

N20 Metal Micro Gear Motor 300-2,000RPM (Micro Size)

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These N20 gear motors are great in a wide variety of projects. We use these as Jupiter pusher motors. Please note that 3000RPM or higher is not compatible or recommended with the Jupiter blaster.

• Multiple RPM options
• Tiny N20 size
• Jupiter Rate of Fire = RPM / 100 (i.e. 600/100 = 6 rounds/second) *Calculation only works for Jupiter on 2s
• Juno Rate of Fire = RPM / 100 (i.e. 600/66.66 = 6 rounds/second) *Calculation only works for Juno on 3s

• 300, 600, 1000, 2000 RPM
• Rated for 12v light duty
• 1A max stall current (typically less) for all RPM options
• Metal gears
• Sizing in photos (click through to see detailed dimensions)
• About size of a USA quarter
• Price is per motor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Matthias C.

it spins fast 50 darts per second fast so cool great for Lepus.

The n20 was defective

Order 2.motors and one was defective .Didn't bother contacting the company because the shipping back alone was more than the cost of the motor.

We're sorry to hear you didn't contact us directly. We would have happily replaced the defective motor. We'll work to be more proactive on reviews as well so we can handle those who take the time to write a review. We can offer a credit for the motor or a refund.


Great motor for pushers but be careful with them they are fragile. Busted one trying to squeeze it into a flycore that was a little tight. It bent the square flanges and tweaked the gears on top

Andrew K.
Tiny motor, Monster performance!

I put this in my Quik and it's a beast! Highly recommended!


This is a great product, I've had two different ones in my Jupiter both worked perfect. My only gripe is that the rate of fire calculation shown on this product listing is for 2s and the rate of fire will be 50% higher if you use 3s. This fact is stated on the Jupiter product listing but not the motor. I wanted to lower the rof of my Jupiter and ordered the 10 rps option which turned out to be the one I already had because I didn't know it was 10 rps for 2s. Out of darts sent me a replacement that would actually lower my rof for free, so all's well.