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Rival Pathfinder/Fate (125+ FPS) + SLAB (150FPS) Spring

Rival Pathfinder/Fate (125+ FPS) + SLAB (150FPS) Spring

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This is an upgrade spring compatible with the Nerf Rival Pathfinder or Fate which improves the performance of the blaster bringing it up to the next level. Blaster not included.

*The Pathfinders internals are similar to that of a Kronos making the install fairly easy.
*The Fate is a Difficult mod that we only suggest for an experienced modder.  It requires the removal of the plunger head which is attached with a one-way detent that can easily be damaged.
*Note: This spring now comes with squared ends on both sides. The pictures with the blasters feature the older, custom-cut spring, and do not represent the current product

• Pathfinder - moderate difficulty install, similar to a Kronos
• Fate - Difficult install due to one-way detent on the plunger head
• Significant fps increase 125+ FPS on the Pathfinder/Fate

• SLAB 150FPS Spring

• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel
• Approximate Dimensions: 101mm

• Pathfinder Pump Grip
• Pathfinder Stock Extender
Fate Little Rocket Adapter
• More Pathfinder Mod Parts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Todd D.
Our desired upgrade results accomplished easily

Lot's of screws to deal with, but otherwise and easy upgrade.

Younger kids will have a hard time using the gun after the upgrade, as the loading mechanism requires more force to operate, but that might be for the best. Also, much harder to rapid fire, but the distance, speed and accuracy have improved, which is exactly what we were hoping for with the new spring.

Mat P.

I ordered the pathfinder stock, spring and mag fix.

I am very pleased with the spring. However, my only con for the spring is that I have personally seen a decrease in accuracy. However, I like playing in close quarters so the accuracy is little to no problem at all.

I highly recommend the stock and mag fixes for the pathfinder as well.

Patrick H.

Makes shots 100 times better!



Joseph P.
Souped up Rival

This spring makes the gun fire much faster and more accurately. My son did the mod and said it was pretty straightforward. We no longer have to lead the target as much as we used to. Getting hit is not too painful, but it does leave a mark. Cocking the gun is no problem for Dad. For the 14 year old, it requires effort. 12 year old has trouble. Always wear eye protection!