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Voltage Meter LED 5 colors - 2 sizes

Voltage Meter LED 5 colors - 2 sizes

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Both fit the stryfe wire channel guides, and Luke has modified his guides to fit. These meters can be wired directly to any circuit 3v-30v. You could even put an on/off switch to conserve power when your blaster isn't in use. Please note that some versions of these volt meters will contain three wires. If you receive this version the red/yellow will need to be wired together.

• 5 LED colors
• 2 Sizes .28" and .36" (indicates height of LED)
• Wire directly to your main power leads
• *Latest version of this has a 3-wire setup, Red + Yellow to your positive lead, and black to the negative.

• 3-30 volts

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Customer Reviews

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Works great

looks cool, but does not work too well.

As I said in the title, it looks cool, but has several issues. The first issue I noticed was that all three of the voltage meters showed different voltages, and none of them showed the same voltage as my voltage alarms. The next issue is that they are easy to fry. like, it doesn't take much current to kill these things, so you have to be careful with how you wire it. The last issue I found was that the wires are crazy easy to break off the solder joints. I was able to successfully resolder one of the two that broke, but then it broke again.
Three stars for style points if you manage to get the thing in there without breaking it, but 0 stars for functionality. If you used this and this alone to monitor your lipo's voltage, you would run the risk of over-discharging your battery, and therefore ruining it.
Again, great to make your blaster look cool, but seeing as it doesn't measure the voltage correctly, it ii kind of useless for anything else.

Works well with small annoyances

The voltage meter itself works fine, although in my blaster I may have soldered it a little wrong since it's like .15 volts off what the Lipo alarm says. Anyway, my only issue is the wires came off really easily and it can be difficult to resolder them correctly. Otherwise, awesome product!

Perfect fit!

Great visibility, works and fits perfectly.