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Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3+ High-end (Latest Version)

Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3+ High-end (Latest Version)

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Worker Short Darts in a 200-pack. The Gen3+ darts have a new glue for better durability in all blasters. In our testing, these have been the best-in-class dart to beat, and they are our standard for FPS testing here at Out of Darts. These Worker darts are here to stay.

• Most accurate, reliable, and durable darts I've tested
• SCAR barrel compatible
• Purple color
• Gen3+ improved glue and new tip design for the best head retention
• Firmer foam than AF Pros

• Material: TPR and EVA
• Weight: 77g
• Dimensions: 38x13mm
• SKU: W0543

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Dallas F.
Recommend these darts

They are well worth the prices. They fire well and last long

William C.
Worker Short Darts Gen3+

These darts are amazing! I got them in red so that they’ll be easier to see for recovery, I typically play with friends (~10) in a small neighborhood park. I’m using a modded custom painted aeon pro right now, and using worker talon mags with these darts is a lot of fun! I’ve shot hundreds of rounds so far and only one head has broken off, great durability. Super accurate as well! Consistently hitting a 3 inch wide target from 50 feet away with my custom aeon (200ish fps) Highly recommend for any short dart blaster, whether you are new to the hobby or have been doing it for years. Best darts I’ve ever used, no question about that. And with plenty of darts in the box, you’ll never be ~ out of darts ~ .

Simply wonderful

These darts work very well in the MK3 and unlike other darts, the heads don’t rip off, and the foam is very resilient!!

Nice darts!

These are the best short darts I have.

Matt M.
Great Darts, but...

Giving a 5 star rating on these darts because they are fantastic, and the only issue i had was likely a blaster compatability problem. Good weight, super accurate, and durable. Just about everything you could ask for with a dart. However, I did notice some issues when using them in my Harrier. Due to their smaller diameter, they actually slip down the barrel prior to taking a shot (if the balster is not held level after priming). In fact, the darts completely fall out if I leave the blaster pointed down. Might just be an issue with my batch, but maybe not.

Some barrels, like the ones included with most hardware kits and the shortest barrel of the Harrier, are a slightly looser bore which can allow darts to fall out of the front of the barrel. this is by design to allow the blaster to function with lower power springs and helps to prevent darts from squibing in the barrel.