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Worker Short Darts 200-pack HE Standard Weight 1.0g

Worker Short Darts 200-pack HE Standard Weight 1.0g

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Worker Short Darts in a 200-pack. The Gen3+ darts have a new glue for better durability in all blasters. In our testing, these have been the best-in-class dart to beat, and they are our standard for FPS testing here at Out of Darts. These Worker darts are here to stay.

• Most accurate, reliable, and durable darts I've tested
• SCAR barrel compatible
• Purple color
• Gen3+ improved glue and new tip design for the best head retention
• Firmer foam than AF Pros

• Material: TPR and EVA
• Dimensions: 36x13mm
• SKU: W0543

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Customer Reviews

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Edgar P.
Gen 3 Darts broke my Longshot Pro!

Hey Out Of Darts! I purchased some worker gen 3 darts and the firmness of the darts pull the dart-pusher’s O-ring off and basically makes the X Shot Long Shot unusable unless I put the O-ring back on. I tried lube on the o-ring and it does the same thing. Any Suggestions?!?! I’m using Unicorn Mags but the og magazine with the Gen 3’s also pull the O-ring! (Darts are really great and make the blaster hit harder and shoot further… so still a 5 star product, blasters also at fault!)

Frank G.
Great Shop, Service and Parts

we have really much fun with the Blasters. the short Darts are perfect

David L.
Good, but not very durable

-relatively cheap
-accurate for the first few shots
-work really well in flywheel blasters
-they start to become in accurate after being shot just a handful of times.
-they Harrier rips these guys apart. The heads seem to pop off relatively easily, maybe a QC issue?

For the price, I think they're worth it if accuracy isn't your chief goal. For sniping, I shoot only fresh darts.

Five-0 F.H.
Current hobby standard darts

Love these Gen 3+ HE darts, durable and well balanced dart.