Bearing SCAR by JingJia/Flag & Armor (SLA Printed)
Bearing SCAR by JingJia/Flag & Armor (SLA Printed)
Bearing SCAR by JingJia/Flag & Armor (SLA Printed)
Bearing SCAR by JingJia/Flag & Armor (SLA Printed)

Bearing SCAR by JingJia/Flag & Armor (SLA Printed)

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This bearing scar is the latest generation of SCAR barrel. This 9 bearing scar is printed in SLA and is compatible with most 16mm barrels. Available in 4 different angles to match your blasters performance. Bearing scars are excellent at imparting spin on the darts with minimal FPS loss. We recommend 5 degree for most users and higher angles for higher FPS builds.

*Due to print tolerances some SCAR barrels may require some masking tape between the barrel and SCAR for ideal fit.

• SLA printed bearing SCAR
• Available in 5°, 8°, 10° and 15° variants
• Large angle = more spin (higher angle for high FPS builds)
• Orange color
• Designed and produced by Jing Jia of Flag & Armor
• 3 sets of 3 bearings
• Extremely low resistance on the darts
• Universal 16mm id, fits blasters like the Worker Swift, Talon Claw, Caliburn and lynx

• Material: SLA printed
• Dimensions: 75mm X 25mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It does is job well

No issues so far. Not a 5* review as I haven’t had it for to long so I can’t really verify it’s durability, though it seems very solid and well made. The improvements it makes over a standard barrel is increasing.

Adam P.
10 Degree version Tested

I used the 10 degree version of this BCAR on my Swift, with the longest barrel and the 1.6 spring. I used the gen4 worker darts and a bunch of gen 1 bamboo darts, and had a lot of whirly birds and deviated shots. I'm unsure if its the excess power of the spring combo, and I need a higher degree of rotation, or less, as the amount of spin it puts on the dart is inconsistent. I might try switching to gen3 worker darts, which have a much looser fit and softer foam and try again. It could just be my barrel/spring/bearing rotation amount just don't line up well, but this didn't give me laser beam straight shots like I wished.

Chance H.
Fantastic SCAR (BCAR?)

It's nice, it's tidy, it goes on easily with no tools and doesn't mar the barrel, its orange-ness makes blaster legality simple.
But none of that matters if it sucks.
Thankfully, it doesn't suck. Far from it. It took my Talon Claw from about a 3 foot grouping with a 3D-printed fishing line SCAR down to about a 3 inch grouping (at 40 feet). It's honestly crazy how good this thing is.
Is it significantly pricier than printing/stringing your own? Yeah, sure. But if you're in the situation where accuracy matters, you won't be thinking "well I lost, but at least my SCAR was cheap".

Jacob P.
8° Bearing Scar

This thing works wonders in my lightly modified Nexus pro. I noticed absolutely no difference in FPS, but a MAJOR difference in accuracy. My Nexus pro is shooting anywhere from 175-220 (very inconsistent, still tuning) and with this bearing scar it is dead accurate. Also I need to throw in a thanks to the OOD customer support and service. My first one came and it was WAY too tight on all of my barrels, and it ended up cracking from trying to spin it on. They replaced it for free and I HIGHLY appreciate that. It was my own ignorance for not going in and sanding it considering how tight it was, but they still took care of me. Thank you guys so much.

Rob S.
This things cool!!!

I replaced my worker scar on my swift with this piece. I noticed much less of a drop in fps compared to the traditional scars I have and it just looks cool. It did fit a little loose on my barrel but a piece of tape on the barrel snugged it right up.