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14kg OOD Kronos Spring

14kg OOD Kronos Spring

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The OOD Kronos 14kg spring offers strong, yet light in weight spring upgrade for your Nerf Kronos blaster.  This spring is an OOD exclusive and is made of stainless steel.

• Compatible with Nerf Kronos Blaster
• Zinc Coated Steel Construction
• 14KG Rated
Average 120-125 FPS

• Material: Zinc Coated Steel
• Dimensions: 4.7in
• Weight: 0.5oz

• Kronos Mod Kit
• Kronos Quick-Loader
• Blasterparts MX Holster 
• Nerf Rival Kronos Compatibility Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mason H.
Kronos 14kg OOD Spring review

It shot harder, little hard to instal but I just have fat hands making it hard to compress into the plunger tube. Overall it did what it was supposed to do and it did it well

Great job!

I changed the spring, but I painted so much of the nerf kronos that it no longer functions simply. I have to put maximum effort in to ready it and then pop goes the weasel at an incredible speed. Thank you so much. It’s a cosplay thing now that slaps.

Jeff S.
Great Spring!

A really nice spring that packs a punch and installs really easily. I used it in a Kronos I modded to shoot MXL and it works wonderfully. Will definitely be getting more for future projects.

Brody B.
Amazing performance and quality as always

These springs really transform these Rival Takedown's and Kronos's into powerhouses. I have bought so many and they are so cheap for what you are getting. Pretty easy installation, a bit harder of a prime, but the range is insane for something that isn't going to hurt very bad at that range. It's just paintball or airsoft for in your house! I wear eye protection when using these because they can hurt your sensitive seeing orbs. They can knock over things like decorations and once even a glass bowl on the table was pushed off and shattered on the floor, but if you put all the fragile things away they are perfectly safe. At close range, they do sting though, not too bad of course. I definitely recommend these if that wasn't clear enough yet.