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Fang ReVAMPed 130 2s Neo Motor for Nerf Blasters

Fang ReVAMPed 130 2s Neo Motor for Nerf Blasters

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Fang ReVampeds are my favorite go-to 2S motors. These are currently used in the Jupiter blaster and feature our signature slanted vent design. Mounting screws sold separately.

• 130 size (No shell cutting required)!
• Sintered Neodymium Magnets for maximum efficiency
• Ball bearings for quieter operation and longer motor life
• Enough torque for high crush setups even when hot
• Low enough stall current so there is no need for MOSFETs
• Up to 162 FPS with Original Worker Wheels and 41.5mm OFP cage
• Compatible with Eclipse on 3S, but not warrantied on 3S
• Vented housing to help keep coils cool
• Extremely affordable for the power!
• Compatible with some slot cars (according to our customers)
• 37,000 RPM
• 500g cm Stall Torque
• 28 A Stall Current
• 2S LiPo battery recommended for normal operation
• 130 Form Factor
• Price is per motor
• Shaft size: 2mm (smooth)

• Best battery for Fangs in a small space
• Flywheel Cages 
• Flywheel Cage Mounting Screws 
• Flywheels
•  3D-Printed Solder Spacers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews

Motors should be called screamers, they are loud and fast. Crazy difference from stock motors on my nerf blasters.

Isaac L.
Fang Revamped Motors

These are great motors. Great rpms and great power.

Ernesto L.
Excellent Motor

I purchased the Fang ReVamped motor to experiment in my 1/24 scale slot car. I used other 130 size motors and wanted to do a comparison due to the Fang having neo magnets and as well as ball bearings, while the motors I currently have do not.

After fabricating a chassis for this motor and did a test run - it was a welcome surprise that it performed even better than my motors that were intended for slot car use.

It runs very smooth and has excellent controller response.

I plan on purchasing more to replace the motors in my current setup!

It's an excellent motor!

Kenneth M.
Fanged Revamped

My favorite 2s motor!

David K.
Fangs Revamps

Most sturdy 2S motors used.