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Flush Cutters (Wire Cutters)

Flush Cutters (Wire Cutters)

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The Flush Cutter Wire Cutters are used constantly in our shop for cutting away bits of plastic inside of blasters, as well as cutting off solder and stock wiring. We tend to cycle the pairs, starting with wire cutting, then used for plastic after they dull from extended use (after hundreds to thousands of cuts). These are not intended on cutting springs with, you will need bolt cutters to successfully cut a spring. Always use eye-protection when cutting springs.

• Tempered steel blades
• Great for cutting wire, plastic and trimming blaster shells
• Do not cut springs with these cutters. Use bolt cutters (with eye-protection).

• Material: Hardened steel
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Mike R.
Love these things

These things are great for easily modifying internals or as wire snips. The flush cut on them is very good for cutting a vertical portion off right to the bottom.

Paul W.C.
Great for small hands

I am grateful for these new clippers. I have been using sewing scissors up until now. These clippers are awesome and feel good too. I have small hands (think what you will) that are great with accurate tools. These feel natural and able in my fingertips allowing me to navigate wires and plastics as well as soft metals. I use the handgrip to rest my soldering iron on and it doesn't even feel too hot. I'd recommend these to anyone getting their hands dirty in small places. They're excellent for accurate exacting cuts and snips. 5/5 stars!

Soft Hands & Future Plans

I was happy to see these for sale and I grabbed a pair. They are basic in nature but utilitarian at same time. The grip is soft like holding hands with someone. It gives when you squeeze and more it actually cuts well.
Truthfully I've had a few pairs and my last ones were 100% steel. These ones are not but they still have better results than my steel ones. I was able to easily cut away a door for wires to come and go. They worked wonderfully. I recommend these to any new or old school modder.

Daniel P.

Work well for cutting plastic.

Thaqib F.
Solid but I broke mine

Generally very good for cutting both wires and shell plastic, but don't be an idiot like me and try to cut a 3D printed flywheel cage dart guide with it. I wish the grip had a touch more padding but overall its a very solid piece.
Use them sensibly and they're stellar.