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Perses Extended Hopper Lid (Lid only)

Perses Extended Hopper Lid (Lid only)

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This Perses Extended Hopper Lid is compatible with our Perses extended hopper. Choose one of over a dozen colors to accent your hopper. This is the lid ONLY, and the hopper must be purchased separately.

• Magnetic 2-part lid with stainless M3 hardware

• Material: PLA Plastic with a Neodymium magnetic closure
• 3D printed
• PLA Plastic in a wide range of colors


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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

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David S.

YMMV, but the door doesn't line up properly with the base on the unit I received. The hinge was very rough and didn't open properly until I flexed it numerous times, which rubbed a spot off the back that now looks like a dry, scuffed elbow. The door closes VERY securely thanks to the magnets, but there's no spring, so you have to push it open and hope friction holds it up. And it only opens about 80 degrees, so it's hard to load with a paintball pod.

The door hinge and **** mount protrude below the ring, the ring is very shallow, and it's slightly larger than standard "paint ball hopper" size, so it doesn't fit on my 3D printed hopper. I don't know why they'd sell it separately if it's not a standard size and they don't include the size in the description.

I've been more than happy with every other 3D printed item I've bought from OOD, but this one really misses the mark.

Hi David,
I'm sorry you'e had a poor experience here. Wed be happy to get you replacement parts. I designed the lid to stay open intentionally to act as a 'funnel' to assist with loading. In reality, the paintballl pods were an option, but they only hold around 40 rounds each, making a dump pouch more practical for most users. The hopper itself is compatible with most paintball speed rings.

Jordan C.
Great for fast reloads, but a little fragile

For dumping a paintball tube full of rival rounds into my big new hopper, I prefer this to the paintball-style "speed loader". The only gripe is the install ring for the lid is a little thin and fragile and broke when I dropped it in a battle.

Chris B.
A must have for the hopper!

Its great piece to keep the balls on place. Dont shake too hard or the lid can open