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SLAB 100 fps / Aeon Pro Low Power Spring

SLAB 100 fps / Aeon Pro Low Power Spring

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This spring is the one that is included with our SLAB 100 FPS kits.  This spring was originally a ghost spring that we found worked well in the SLAB for this FPS range.

This spring can also be used in the Aeon Pro as an option to reduce its FPS.
Note: This spring has a smaller OD than the Aeon stock spring, which can cause it to shift and result in a crunchy prime.

Blasters not included

• Simple install
• About 100 FPS average in a SLAB and just below 130 FPS in an Aeon Pro
• Great for indoor and CQB games

• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vincente B.

The fit on the new springs caused the blasters to not engage the locking pin. Had to just go back to the old springs and buy new blasters. I'm sure the springs fit other blasters perfectly though. And customer service is amazing. So I will still be shopping you guys again.

Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like we cut a spring a bit too long, but I believe you're all set now with a replacement. Thanks for shopping with us!

Shane T.
Good quality

Not strong enough.

Thanks for the feedback. This spring is definitely low powered and sub-optimal for the size of the SLAB plunger tube. We've offered it just as an option for those wanting to play with this blaster in their homes with younger children.

Gareth R.
It's certainly not getting anything like 100 FPS out of my SLAB.

I hesitate to criticize, because I'm not sure the spring is at fault, but it seems a little short and weak to be getting 100fps out of anything.

If you are using this spring with a SLAB, we recommend using it without a SCAR or tighter bore barrel due to how low the fps is with this spring.

Josiah H.
Blaster now manageable

Spring did just what is was supposed to and lowered the force required to prime the blaster. Performance is still just fine for games indoors. Will shop with olOut of Darts again.