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Worker 12-Line SLA PCAR for Short Darts (Retaliator / Prophecy) CLOSEOUT

Worker 12-Line SLA PCAR for Short Darts (Retaliator / Prophecy) CLOSEOUT

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The Worker 12-Line SLA PCAR for Short Darts is a rifling attachment printed in UV-cured SLA resin. Because of the SLA printing process, the lines are smoother than other PCARs, reducing friction and performance loss as a result. This 12-line version was designed for a modded Worker Prophecy or Nerf Retaliator, but it is compatible with any 16mm outer diameter exposed metal barrel. It is also compatible with Worker's 19mm diameter decorative front muzzles.

• 12-line SLA-printed PCAR
• Compatible with Nerf Retaliator with Worker Prophecy P Short Dart Set
• Also compatible with 16mm OD metal barrels
• Compatible with 19mm diameter tube decorative front muzzles
• Not recommended for the Nexus pro

• Material: SLA-printed Resin
• Weight: 15g
• Dimensions: 16mm ID;19mm OD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Worked well but cracks very easily

Steve P.

never used a scar barrel before,Wow,you want to talk about improved accuracy.i still get a stray dart once and awhile but that's the nature of foam darts.the rest just drop right in on a dime,unreal.plinking just got really fun!.awesome productand thankyou.


Broke while friction fitting it on

Miguel G.

Good scar

David W.
nice little unit for half length darts

I bought this scar for my Worker Caliburn and it fits nice and snug on the included barrel.

All my testing was done with my Worker Caliburn equipped with a 11" 788 spring (from OOD) and some additional tweaks to improve the air seal. This blaster is achieving ~250fps with half length AF pro darts and ~235fps with full length bamboo darts (before scar instillation).

In my testing this scar did not change the velocity out side of shot to shot variance. This might change at lower velocities and/or with a worse air seal.

The accuracy was better than i expected. Excluding fliers, I was able to achieve groupings of roughly 3" at 50feet with half length AF pro darts. The bamboo darts (or any other full length darts I tried) failed to consistently stabilize.
At the same distance, I set up 3 12oz soda cans and more often then not I am able to hit all 3 in a row without missing.

I should note, that around 260 fps the accuracy starts to fall off with AF pro darts. The decrease in accuracy isn't drastic, but at 270+ fps the groupings opened up to a little over 6" at 50 feet.
I should also note that i cant properly test at farther then 50 feet, as i am space limited.