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Worker 10-Line Adjustable Aluminum SCAR

Worker 10-Line Adjustable Aluminum SCAR

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Increase the accuracy of your blaster with this 10-String Adjustable Aluminum Scar Barrel from Worker. By using the strings on this scar barrel you can adjust the FPS rating of your blaster, a higher angle equals higher FPS. The Worker 10 String Adjustable Aluminum Barrel is compatible with any aluminum barrel that has an outer diameter of 16mm.

• Adjustable
• Compatible with any 16mm aluminum barrel
• Helps to increase accuracy
• Helps by adding a twist to your darts for increased stability
• CNC Finishing

• Material: Aluminum alloy and PLA
• Dimensions: 107mm x 30mm
• Weight: 100g
• SKU: W0627

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Craig R.
Fierce looking

At least as far as foam goes... this thing looks and performs amazingly well. I have absolutely zero complaints. I love it.

Jonah M.T.

Worker 10 String Adjustable Aluminum Scar Barrel

Noah C.
Works incredibly well and is incredibly durable

Bought one of these to slap on my Harrier, and it did not disappoint. Much more accurate than the included scar and an additional BCAR I own, and was able to hit a 2 in wide grouping at 40 feet 90% of the time. Also the aluminum shroud is a godsend and has kept me from breaking the scar after hitting it on walls and railings by accident. Left minor scratches on the aluminum but its better than paying for another scar altogether.
One minor thing I noticed is that the dart trajectory did change when I rotated the placement of the scar (not adjusting, just putting it on a different way), but it can be used to your advantage if you get it adjusted and zeroed properly on your sights.