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Worker Full Length Foam Darts (100-Pack)

Worker Full Length Foam Darts (100-Pack)

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The Worker Full Length Foam Darts are here to stay! The full length darts come in a 100-Pack and come in red with black rubber tips.

• Full length darts

• Material: Foam + Rubber
• Weight: 150g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ben G.
Tips break off easily

The glue used to assemble these darts is very brittle. Hitting a wall from 30' with a lightly equipped (K31) Caliburn is enough to decapitate 30% of the darts on first impact. Besides this issue, the darts seem fine. Would love to see these full length darts switch to the glue used on the Gen 3 Half Length darts, as it is far superior.

They’re not bad…

Not my favorite in my V6 flywheeler. They tend to crush easily but are great when used in my Rapidstrike.

Jacob B.
Almost perfect

I gotta say of the bat I love these darts, they run perfectly in every blaster I’ve used them in. My only slight complaint is that every 1 in 20 to 25 darts the heads just pop right off. It’s not a big issues considering how many high quality darts you get for the price you pay but it’s something I’ve definitely noticed. Overall they are almost perfect and I’ll definitely still continue to buy them.

Jason S.
Pretty good but could be constructed better

For the most part these darts are pretty good but i've had more then a few come apart on me. Worker needs to do a better job making sure their glue holds up in manufacturing. Outside of that, they fly really well and make a wicked cool sound when they fly though the air.

Cavan M.

These were very accurate darts, and fly through my Nexus Pro, 2s Stryfe, and 3s Ultra 2 with ease! The pricing could be better but honestly is not too expensive for how well these darts perform.

However...I realized after flinging the first 10 pack of BRAND new Worker darts, that one of the darts had lost its head. I brushed it off as simply the power of my guns or a fluke, but after shooting a few, I realized that it was consistently happening. It's possible I got a defective shipment, but I would estimate (ballpark) that a dart would lose its head after being fired anywhere from 3-10 times.

This was extremely disappointing because the darts fly very accurately and I assumed that since they were from Worker, they would be built to handle the strength of modified Nerf blasters. I was unfortunately wrong, as most of my darts that I ordered are now headless. Even standard Nerf darts keep their heads for significantly longer than these guys did.

To conclude, they are very accurate and I would highly recommend them IF they were consistent in not falling apart. I am frustrated that so many lose their heads so quickly, but that does not reflect on OutOfDarts at all. They shipped all of my items (a relatively large shipment) very quickly and efficiently, and everything was in place. It is simply the quality of these darts that are lacking, I would recommend buying a different brand of darts, such as Adventure Force.