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Worker Short Dart Upgrade Kit for Prophecy/Retaliator CLOSEOUT

Worker Short Dart Upgrade Kit for Prophecy/Retaliator CLOSEOUT

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The Worker Short Dart Upgrade Kit allows you to convert your Worker Prophecy or Nerf Retaliator Blaster to shoot short darts.  Crafted of durable, yet lightweight aluminum alloy. Modding required. An expanded short dart kit is available with the link below.

-Compatible with Worker Retaliator and Nerf Retaliator

-Material: Aluminum Alloy
-Weight: 90g
-Model: W0222

1 x Push Rod
1 x Front Tube
1 x 12kg Spring
1 x Rubber Ring Sets 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amy B.
Prophecy/Retaliator upgrade kit

The kit works well.

Exceeded my expectations!

I was debating between this and the orange kit but went with this so I could also use my retaliator as a pistol. It makes an amazing seal with the blue short dart breach, and performs excellently. I'm currently using it with the metal retaliator sled, metal catch, blue breach, and a 5kg alpha trooper spring. I don't have a chrono but based on comparing it to my aeon I'd say its hitting around 100-110. I put the included 12kg spring in but for indoor target shooting I found it a little too powerful but I'll bet at long range it would be great. Overall I'm very happy with this kit, very high quality.