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Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3+ High-end (Latest Version)

Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3+ High-end (Latest Version)

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Worker Short Darts in a 200-pack. The Gen3+ darts have a new glue for better durability in all blasters. In our testing these have been the best-in-class dart to beat and they are our standard for FPS testing here at Out of Darts. These Worker darts are here to stay.

• Most accurate darts I've tested
• SCAR barrel compatible
• Purple color
• Gen3+ improved glue and new tip design for the best head retention
• Firmer foam than AF Pros

• Material: TPR and EVA
• Weight: 77g
• Dimensions: 38x13mm
• SKU: W0543

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Stephanie S.
Great option

I purchased these darts for my sniper, I also used the short dart kit from OOD. Honestly I have had no problems so far, Ifeel like the darts weight is perfect. I can shoot upwards of 150ft because of the tip weight.

Wesley B.

Very nice

Cindy L.
Best darts

Perfect for my nerf gun

David R.
Number one darts period

Definitely better than Dart Zone darts, and at a better price.

Great darts!!

I got the purple and orange ones because I thought that'd be unique, also I already own a bunch of target half-length darts that are also red, as well as full length red chili darts, and I thought the black ones would be very difficult to find! Any how, they are very sturdy darts. The tip is great for springers as it won't creat friction on the barrel but can also be used with flywheelers. The foam is a bit more stiff or firm compared to dart zones foam. It's not better or worse, just different! I like using both ammo types and will definitely be buying both in the future! Depending on sales and what I'm running out of. Super accurate as well our of my DZ stryker!