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Worker Swordfish Blaster Shell Kit (Like Stryfe)

Worker Swordfish Blaster Shell Kit (Like Stryfe)

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The Worker Swordfish is a flywheeler blaster shell kit ready for you to build and assemble yourself from your own internal parts and hardware. Featuring Stryfe-compatible internal geometry in a transparent injected molded shell, this shell is the perfect housing for your next flywheel project. 

• Injection-molded flywheeler shell kit
• Ready to build and assemble from your own parts
• Compatible with most Stryfe mod parts and accessories 
• Standard N-Strike stock point
• Fits larger 132 motors without shell cutting

Battery, charger, and LiPo alarm are sold separately!
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• 1 Swordfish Blaster Shell in your choice of color
• 1 Barrel Lug + Bottom Rail Piece
• 1 Rev Trigger
• 1 Firing Trigger with Full-Length Pusher
• 1 Kriss Vector Handguard Mount Piece
• 17 M2.6 Toy Screws

Note: This shell kit does not include internal parts, components, or hardware to function out of the box.

• Material: Injection-molded ABS
• Two color options*

Note: The Transparent version has yellowed due to the age of our inventory. They are still completely serviceable as shell kits.

Swordfish Mod Kit
 Swordfish Blaster Battery Door Expansion
 Full-Auto Kit
 Full lineup of Swordfish Parts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephen S.
It’s a shell

Shell is exactly what I expected.


What keeps this from being 5 stars is that worker didn't set up the battery tray to be for a lipo right from the start.

If it's supposed to be for modders to build a blaster why would you make it with a regular battery try that has to be gutted?

Tim S.

Excellent 👍

Nathan R.
A pretty fishy blaster

The swordfish is aight, definitely one of my favorite blasters

Alex H.
My top motor is malfunctioning.

Hello I’m a new customer to your blasters. I assembled everything correctly however, my top motor jams up. I have to give it a initial push with my finger to go. I think the motor is bad from stock, can I return it? Other than that was really fun to build.