Adventure Force Spectrum Mod Guide

Adventure Force Spectrum Mod Guide

The Adventure Force Spectrum, manufactured for Walmart by Dart Zone, surprised everyone in the hobby with better stock performance than a Nerf Elite Stryfe; and that largely had to do with the 6 AA (9V nominal) batteries this thing takes. But after opening it up, I found it to be even better, with plenty of room to re-wire and mod to take a rechargeable LiPo battery. I'd say it's even easier to deal with than a stryfe, due to the internal spacing of components.

Completed Mod of the Adventure Force Spectrum

It would take a lot of work to dethrone the Stryfe, with over 5 years’ worth of mod parts and accessories dedicated to improving the top semi-auto flywheeler. But the Spectrum definitely has a lot going for it; If it weren’t for the Dart Zone Pro Mk-III hitting shelves just next week, I would bet on such a regime change. For now, we’re just brimming with anticipation for what the Mark-III might bring to the table.

Below is our mod guide for the Adventure Force Spectrum, converting it to take a 2S LiPo with Fang ReVAMPed Motors and a 42mm Daybreak Cage by Kuriaka.

Along with this mod guide, I’ve also designed a switch plate for ease of install and some other accessories. We also feature a number of community mod parts and accessories licensed from our friends at FoamBlast, and printed designs from Thingiverse user Opcolu. Select designs are available to purchase on the shop, and also linked should you choose to print them yourself.

To make things easier, we’ve also provided wiring diagrams overlaid on the blaster.

 Wiring diagram for the Adventure Force Spectrum

Want to get started? We have a complete mod kit available, which includes:

  • 2 Fang ReVAMPed motors
  • Daybreak Flywheels (Pair)
  • Daybreak 3D-printed cage in PLA (Multiple spacing/FPS options)
  • 16AWG Red/Black precut silicone hobby wire
  • XT-60 Male Connector
  • 3 precut pieces of heat shrink (large and small)
  • 3D-printed Switch Plate
  • 21A Lever Microswitch

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. - Luke Goodman

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