How to Find a Nerf Game Near You

How to Find a Nerf Game Near You

Last week, we hosted our monthly livestream with Captain Xavier all about event organization & game theory. First of all, thank you to everyone who tuned in and participated; it was a lot of fun and we covered a lot on the topic. If you didn't get a chance to watch it live, the archived stream is still up and available on YouTube for you to enjoy. It even has chapter timecode for you to skip to the subjects in which you are most interested.

If you've been watching our livestreams or videos about nerf events we've attended, you might be asking, "well, where can I go to participate in a game?" It's one of the biggest questions that we get asked time and time again in emails, comments, and in the live chat of our aforementioned livestream. The blanket answer we give to nearly everyone is "Google it." While we wish it were possible, we don't have a catalog of every nerf club or small event in currently in existence at the moment. It's not all that feasible, and takes a lot of time and effort to keep up-to-date.

This blog post isn't just to say "Google it," though. Below are some good places to start looking. We'll come back to this list and update it if we find new resources or major events, but keep in mind this post will never be exhaustive.

Team Dauntless running into a 5v5 battle

Large-Scale Events

Larger national and regional events are the kind you see on our channel. They're a chance to meet YouTubers, get cool swag, and (most importantly) have tons of fun. While the cost to get there is often an expense, if one happens to be around your neck of the woods, they're definitely worth attending.

  • EndWar - Annual, Location Varies
    One of the biggest events of the Year is HvZ EndWar. Hosted by SENC, and the undead foam-flinger Drac himself, the multi-day event consists of a big game of Humans versus Zombies (HvZ), a Convention with many of your favorite vendors and personalities, and the Foam Pro Tour Finals. The location moves every year, so this event is one to watch out for in case it is hosted near you.
  • Ragnarocktoberfest - Annual, San Francisco Bay Area, California
    Another major event in the hobby's calendar is Ragnoroktoberfest. What sets it apart from other events is that it has two competing factions of Humans trying to survive the hoard of zombies over the course of a long weekend. Out of Darts has sponsored this one for a number of years and it's a blast to experience. Locations within the Bay Area change, but it's in Northern California every year.
  • Terminal Infection - Annual; United Kingdom
    Hosted by Foam Dart Thunder, Terminal Infection is a heavily-themed HvZ event that happens in and around Edinburgh, UK leading up to Halloween. It is a stock event, with a hard cap at 110 FPS, and normal-sized ammo (full-length and rival) is provided with the cost of admission. I'm sure for local hobbyists, taking over the carpark for games is the highlight of the year.
  • Foam Fest - Annual; United Kingdom
    This annual event is one of the rare ones that continued to take place virtually, with Foam Fest Live and Foam Fest Live 2 broadcasted on Twitch the last two years. The virtual events focused on the convention side of things, but rest assured games are a part of the in-person events in the future.
  • Jared's Epic Blaster Battle (JEBB) - Annual; Dallas, Texas
    If you want to participate in a free-for-all blaster battle held in the Dallas Cowboy's AT&T stadium, then this is for you. Formerly Jared's Epic Nerf Battle (JENB), this massive one-day event is best for stock blasters and families with children. Notable previous attendees include Coop772 Captain Xavier, and WalcomS7.
  • Dart Zone Pro Tour / Foam Pro tour - Locations and Times Vary
    Dart Zone has recently partnered with Foam Pro Tour this year to facilitate multiple regional qualifiers for the ultimate tournament at EndWar next Summer. Little information was available until their announcement earlier this week, so check out the FPT site for updates!

Captain Xavier explaining the rules of the first game of the day.

Smaller-Scale Events

We can't necessarily list all the clubs, but we can show you where to find them. Here are just a few places for you to check:

  • Search the Nerf Subreddit for groups near you
  • Search Facebook in your area for groups or events
  • Search your local university or community college for nerf clubs and events. This one is more tricky, since some places require you to be a student to see their internal online bulletin boards and communications. But if you are a student or you know a student, college towns are some of the most populous when it comes to clubs and events.
  • Lastly, Luke's buddy Thanh has been attempting to keep a page up to date with clubs happening in North America and around the world. You can take a look down at the map down below:

UPDATE OCTOBER 2022: While a lot of these resources are evergreen, we realize that much of this is out of date. As we revamp the website and add a more complete resources page, much of this will be revised and moved over there. Stay tuned for more updates on that!  - J Perry Heun

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Yo, would anybody be up for forming a club in Seattle? Contact me if ur interested


Does anyone know if the club in Guangzhou China (Hellfire Nerf Club) still in service? The contact detailshave no results, I’m searching them up on WeChat but I’m not sure if I should look up the contact there. I’ve got a modded full auto stryfe and a 200fps knockout pistol that wont be used properly if its not in service… thanks


This is crazy I never saw the comments, Somebody please get ahold of me lets get a nerf group going in Wichita


Just for your information, Dart Warz in Meridian is permanently closed.


how do I find the nerf games? What is the address? do the games change every week?


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