Nerf Rival Perses Mod Guide

MOD GUIDE: Nerf Rival Perses

The Nerf Rival Perses has taken the blaster hobby by storm in 2019. Building on every rival blaster previously released, we have been given a new best-in-class Rival blaster.

The Perses performs very well out of the box with it's 9.6 volt battery- better than any Rival blaster preceding it. Hasbro utilized the longer feeding belt from the Prometheus, and packaged it up in a more compact, 50-round, 8 balls-per-second blaster. Despite a few minor flaws, this blaster is a gem. You can see my review here.

My friend Drac recently posted a great video talking about planned obsolescence in the Nerf Rival line. I feel he is 100% correct on this subject. This isn't surprising as Hasbro is ultimately a business and needs to produce as many unique products as possible. Without the planned obsolescence, our shop probably wouldn't even exist! The HIRricane design kicked off my design obsession, and this was only to improve the very basic function of the Zeus blaster.

The Perses is my current all-time favorite blaster, and as such I went to town on 3D printed upgrades for the blaster. This Perses Rival blaster is very easy to get open (no stubborn screws like the Nemesis), it also has plenty of room inside for wiring. Switch placement proved to be a bit tricky, so I created switch plates specifically for this blaster.

Here is a complete mod guide for the Perses:

Along with the mod guide, I've also designed a 160-round Expanded hopper, a Slim Mag release, a Battery Cover, a Rev Trigger, a Comfort firing trigger and a switch plate set.

To make things easier for anyone following my guide, I've started creating wiring diagrams for each blaster. 


The hopper design has been a smash hit on our website, causing some pretty long lead-times. We're working to expand our print farm in 2020 and pushing to get as many orders as as quickly as we can. As always, print quality is our first priority, and we aren't willing to speed things up for that reason. Each hopper half takes 15+ hours to print, with a total print time of nearly 35 hours for all four parts of the hopper. While we could print them slightly faster, we simply were not satisfied with the print quality when doing so. Thank you to everyone who has ordered so far, and for your patience on the lead-times.

Want to get started? We have two kits:

The Basic Perses Kit and the Ultimate Perses Kit

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Our inbox is always open. - Luke Goodman

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what flywheels do I need to add to upgrade to the fastest and hardest? Or motors to? I want to get the ultimate kit and upgrade motors and flywheels. Don’t want to keep waiting for the one’s I ordered elsewhere.


I found a interesting 3D printable nerf gun on onshape named nf2 I thought you could do a video about it


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