Mod Guide: Stryfe

The Stryfe is one of my absolute favorite mods!  I have the step-by-step guide for the Stryfe available in my Nerf Modification Guide Book.  If you are new to modding, I would highly recommend you check out the book.  The book will walk you through a stryfe mod, electrical basics, soldering and safety.

The parts list below includes everything you need except solder and basic tools.  Eye protection is a must have when modding blasters and during game play! There are several routes you can take with this mod depending on the power level you'd prefer.



1x - OFP Flywheel Cage (optional 42.5mm recommended) 
Flywheels (2 Options):
1x - Worker High Crush Flywheels (Option 1: Highest FPS, but more dart wear)
1x - Containment Crew Cyclone Flywheels (Option 2: Solid, quiet, well-balanced)
1x - Stryfe Switch Mounting Plate (Optional, or you can use epoxy putty)
1x - Epoxy Putty (Required If you opt to not use Stryfe Switch Plate) 
Motors (2s Options):
2x - 2s Fang ReVAMPed Motor (Option 1: High power motor - Luke's choice)
2x - 2s Meishel Motor (Option 2: More affordable)
Motors (3s Options):
2x - 3s Kraken Motor (Option 1: High power)
2x - 3s Valkyrie Motor (Option 2: More affordable)
LiPO Battery (2s or 3s):
1x - 2s LiPO Battery (Option 1: For 2s Motor)
1x - 3s LiPO Battery (Option 2: For 3s Motor)
1x - Stryfe Battery Cover (Small required for 3s Battery to fit inside)
Charger (2 Options):
1x - Turnigy Accucell S60 LiPO Charger (Recommended Option 1: Storage charging compatible)
1x - E3 Compact LiPO Charger (Option 2: Entry-Level Option 2: Doesn't allow for storage charging)