Shanye X Phantom Tech Hamster: A Pocket-Sized Single-Shot That Bites Back

Shanye X Phantom Tech Hamster: A Pocket-Sized Single-Shot That Bites Back

In an era of the hobby where higher capacity and higher performance seem to dominate some playing fields, sometimes it’s nice to return to the hobby’s single-shot roots.

The Shanye X Phantom Tech Hamster is an ultra-compact, single-shot blaster. Its low-profile body makes it comfortable to fit in a back pocket, making it ideal for last-ditch efforts in HvZ or as a secret assassin-style blaster in more stealthy game types. The trigger is even protected, so you can leave it primed in your pocket and pull it out when needed.

It’s constructed of injection-molded ABS with a custom-extruded oval-shaped aluminum plunger tube. This is by no means the first oval-shaped plunger tube we’ve seen. Dart Zone is notable for using them in some of their blasters, like the DZP Mk-2, but they’re not usually made from aluminum.

The spring and plunger volume is maxed out at its current length, and that spring compression delivers excellent performance for its size. With a short dart pushed all the way down to the base, it can hit around 120 FPS, making it one of the harder-hitting single-shot blasters out there.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Hamster’s lineage. Shanye originally designed the Leaf, a 3D-printed hobby-grade answer to the compact nature of the Nerf PocketStrike with higher performance. Naturally, the Hamster improves the Leaf design with its material construction and durability.

For the most part, with a Hamster, you're going for this blaster because of its form factor, compactness, and unique offering. We have it available for pre-order on the shop now. A huge thanks to Phantom Tech for setting this up so we can be a US retailer! – Luke Goodman

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