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Worker Cheetah Blaster ON SALE!*

Worker Cheetah Blaster ON SALE!*

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PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer able to ship any blaster to international customers (outside of Canada).

The Worker Cheetah Blaster is a single shot, springer design that shoots rival ammo and can also be converted to fire darts as well. Offering internal round storage paired with a compact, transparent design. 

• Injection Molded Springer Blaster
• Compatible with Rival Ammo
• Can be converted to fire darts 

• Material: Injection Molded PC
• Package Weight: 310g
• Dimensions: 268 x 155 x 52mm
• SKUW0514

-Cheetah Blaster Dart Conversion Kit
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great for the price

Pretty good. Got for a birthday gift, the person I gave it to seemed to like it, especially after finding out how hard it shot.

Ethan R.
Pretty good

I love the blaster the only problem is that the **** on the plunger head won't unscrew but I already know that was a problem on worker's end and not OOD's end.

I LOVE this blaster!

Up until the Fate came out recently, this has been my favorite single-shot blaster, ever. I've used it in many wars and shot thousands of rounds through it by now, and it's been a blast. The range and precision you get is awesome.
IF YOUR CHEETAH SEEMS TO BE A DUD: Take the rival rounds it came with and throw them away! Mine were worthless! Go find literally any other type of ammo and your blaster will work great!
Also, I would NOT recommend modding this blaster! It hits harder than any stock rival blaster right out of the box, and many of the screws go directly into the plastic (meaning there is a limited number of times--maybe not even two--you can open and close this blaster shell before they strip out).

Skylar H.
Is good blaster

Is good blaster, came relatively quick. The blaster itself needs some sanding to be smoother but it’s nice. No issues

I think I got a dud

Just received my cheetah and it's pretty much farting out rounds super slow (definitely not at 90 fps) ALSO...what's worse is in the comment section of this blasters listing, someone asked it's FPS and out of darts answer is 200 fps...I feel kind of cheated to be honest, hopefully I can get a replacement.