Flag Dash


Created, adapted, and fine-tuned by the Maryland Foam Alliance, Flag Dash is a higher-stakes variant of Capture the Flag. The game is played on an indoor U10-sized soccer field, with each team trying to take possession of the center flag and running it past the other team’s goal line. Points are awarded for a successful goal – but only if active players are on the opposing team’s side. Additional bonus points are awarded to the first team to possess the flag, incentivizing a race to the center and encouraging riskier, more rewarding gameplay.

This season is the first to implement these new rules after one round in 2023’s Maryland Foam Tournament Finals ended in a 0-0 stalemate behind cover. We look forward to seeing the new mechanic at Maryland Mayhem in April 2024!

At A Glance


Take possession of the center flag and run it past the other team’s goal line.

Game Time

2 rounds x 2 minutes

Team Size

Players on the field per team: 5v5
Maximum players per team: 8

Loadout Limits

250 FPS Manual Springer; 200 FPS Battery Powered (Flywheeler & AEB)
600 darts per team per game with discretionary distribution

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Maryland Foam Alliance

A cooperative of Maryland-based blaster tag organizations and organizers of the largest Flag Dash tournament at their annual Maryland Mayhem weekend of events.

Photography Credit: United Nerf Ops + TnT Events