Hot Pot


Played by the San Diego Nerf Club and TnT Events, HotPot is a Team Deathmatch game with a King of the Hill twist to prevent turtling. If neither team has been entirely eliminated after 45 seconds, the center bucket activates. If either team can then take possession of the bucket for three seconds without being tagged, that team wins. This is about as quick and simple as competitive formats can get, which is its primary advantage.

Another advantage is its adaptability. Unlike other games with only one regulation field or team size, HotPot can grow or shrink depending on the event and venue. TnT Events played a casual 4v4 HotPot tournament on a small 100ft x 100ft field to make the best use of the space available to them, and it was tons of fun for all who attended.

At A Glance


Eliminate the opposing team or take possession of the center bucket for three (3) seconds without getting tagged

Game Time

1 rounds x 90 seconds

Team Size

Players on the field per team: 4v4
Maximum players per team: 6

Loadout Limits

220 FPS (flat cap)
80 darts per team per game with discretionary distribution

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San Diego Nerf Club + TnT Events

More than just developing and playing Hot Pot, the SDNC and TnT Events represent the largest coalition of competitive foam-flingers in the hobby!

Photography Credit: United Nerf Ops + TnT Events