Despite its fresh public appearance, NERFBALL is one of the oldest and most developed rulesets for foam-flinging. It is played on a soccer field, with the titular Nerf Ball on a pedestal at the center, and each team’s goal is about ¾ of the way into the opponent’s side of the field. A successful basket rewards the team with six points while tagging another team’s player rewards your team with one point. More like basketball than other foam sports, NERFBALL uses quarters and a halftime to reset the field every four minutes. The game puts equal emphasis on the ball and the blaster, which keeps more players out in the open to be tagged and makes it a great spectator sport.

Luke got a chance to lead Team Velocity for the premiere exhibition match in September 2023, with Hasbro’s intention of releasing the game to the public in the Nerf Action Xperience in New Jersey in early 2024. While not yet widely available as other formats, it has the potential to be a big future draw for hobbyists

At A Glance


Score more collective points from goals and player tags than the other team after all four quarters of gameplay.

Game Time

16 minutes (4 quarters x 4 minutes each)

Team Size

Players on the field per team: 5v5
Maximum players per team: 7

Loadout Limits

Nerf Pro Stryfe X and Nerf Pro Accustrike darts (168 FPS Average)
240 darts per team per quarter with even, unshared distribution

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Developed by self-described "fearless foam-flinger" and YouTuber Drac Thalassa, FPT aims to provide a safe and fair competitive experience for hobbyists of all stripes.